Can Pastilla (Playa de Palma)

Can Pastilla (Playa de Palma)

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This tourist location, in Playa de Palma is known for its family character, tranquility and proximity to the great city of Palma and airport.



Shorts periods of transfer time from airport, usually around 10 minutes, are a good option for those who are not planning to rent a car and reduce travel expenses.


Cala Estancia

Playa de Palma

Es clot d’en Bernadet



Evening strolls along the Promenade, are good option for leisure. On your way, you will find amazing characters, souvenirs shops with countless handycraft products,


Bus connections

For those who want to discover the spectacular welcoming city of Palma, bus lines 15, 23, 25, 28, 30 and 31 will drive you straight to the center of the city, in not more than 30 minutes. Average frequency of 20 minutes.For further information check this: EMT Palma



Tourist train connects Ca’n Pastilla with S’Arenal, all along the Promenade with fabulous sea views. Round trip fares at 4.50 euros

Tourist train Can Pastilla




How to get to Ca’n Pastilla from the airport

Line 21 will drive you to the airport, in an average time of 10 minutes.Rates are 3 euros per passenger. Average frequency of 30 minutes. Earliest depatures at 07:00 and latest departures at 21:30

There ara always plenty of taxis outside arrivals, however on ocassions you should be prepared for long queues. These taxis should operate on fixed fares, normally charging around 15 euros plus baggage fees, around 3 euros. The time of day or night should increase the price.
There is also an important remark, taxis seating capacity is up to four passengers, even if they are children.


C’an Pastilla is more than just a narrow street. With the small parish Church of Sant Antonio de la Playa set among tightly packed side streets which lead down to the very picturesque harbour and the Club Marítimo San Antonio de la Playa marina, which is the home to a number of yachts and other pleasure craft. Once a year, in the beggining of April, a big sailing event takes place on this beautiful Mediterranean Sea.  Princess Sofía Trophy has become over the years a tradition that takes part of social and sporting Calendar in Mallorca. It is really worthy to come and see the sailors competing against each other, on a thrilling regatta, full of magestic boats.

The town itself is built at the western end of a 2.1/2 mile stretch of beach called «Playa de Palma», which is joined by a wide promenade to the resort of Arenal in the east. If you don’t fancy the walk between the 2 resorts, a popular Mini Train runs along the promenade which is a convenient way to get around.

For those of you who have never visited the island before, Arenal is very popular with the German 18 to 30’s who are looking for all night clubs and bars, and is certainly not suitable for a family holiday or anyone wishing to get some sleep before dawn. Arenal has over the years continued to expand its influence over this area of Playa de Palma, and we wonder how much longer C’an Pastilla will be able to resist this German invasion.

At present however, C’an Pastilla still retains a very strong British ex-pat flavour, and is most likely to suit those looking for sea, sun, and PG Tipps tea, although, we feel it to be almost inevitable that it will also at some point in the very near future succumb to the sea of neon and the lure of the German Euro.

On a more positive note the beach of Playa de Palma is very popular and shelves gently into the sea. A feature of this stretch of coastline is the 16 or so «Balnearios» which run from C’an Pastilla to Arenal. These small beach huts usually have toilets, showers, and a kiosk selling cold drinks and snacks, and prove to be a useful aid to navigation around the resort. By the end of your holiday, you’ll inevitably be telling others «have you been to the bar in front of Balneario 3», or «the best place to catch the bus is at Balneario 2» etc.

Regrettably, in recent years the beach at Playa de Palma has had a bit of a problem both from litter and from «Lookie Lookie Men» selling «genuine» designer watches which are almost certainly fake, and may not even be working at all, although in its defence the local council have now recognised these problems, and will hopefully address them.

Country Spain
Languages spoken Spanish, Catalán
Currency Euro

Sports and nature

Sports and nature Beautiful beach


Puro Beach

Unfortunately there are no hotels at this location at the moment.

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Can Pastilla (Playa de Palma)

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Can Pastilla (Playa de Palma)

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